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What is Spiritual Therapy?

What is Spiritual Therapy?

Spiritual Therapy is a model of psychotherapy that focuses on the soul’s healing and evolution, in order to enhance all levels of wellbeing: mental, emotional, physical, etc. It is based on the premise that spiritual development is a major aspect of personal growth, and when one learns to connect to their soul’s guidance and spiritual resources, they are much better equipped to help themselves, heal, and create the life they desire.

How Does Spiritual Therapy Work?

Spiritual Therapy involves helping clients explore their spiritual and existential belief systems. Further, it supports spiritual development through the teaching of a number of practical exercises, such as getting in touch with one’s energetic body, the chakra system, connecting to the spiritual realm through meditation and prayer, and learning to get more in touch with one’s intuition and soul guidance.

Spiritual Therapy Techniques

Three of the most powerful spiritual therapy techniques are:

  1. Meditation: Cultivating a regular meditation practice is one of the most powerful ways to connect with the spiritual realm. Meditation involves focusing awareness on one thing in order to clear the mind enough to connect and hear one’s inner self and spiritual guidance. The point of focus can be on one’s breath, each step while walking, a candle flame, a mantra, among many others.
  2. Moon Rituals: Connecting with the cycle of the moon can really help one feel in tune with nature and a spiritual force greater than themselves. Moon rituals typically happen during the full moon and new moon phases of the cycle. They create a sacred space for participants to go within and reflect on both what they want to release and what they want to call into their existence. It also is a time to connect with and surrender to the power of the moon and nature as support on the journey of life.
  3. Yoga: There are certain yoga styles that are designed to help one connect to their spiritual selves and evolve energetically. Specifically, Kundalini yoga focuses on enhancing energetic flow and increasing consciousness, whereas Yin and Restorative practices focus on getting still and going within.

Helpful Spiritual Therapy Resources

Here are suggestions for my top three resources related to Spiritual Therapy:

  1. Omega Institute offers powerful and transformative spiritual development workshops.
  2. Brian Weiss offers meditations to lead you through past life regression hypnosis to connect with past lives and heal any unresolved issues you may still be carrying with you.
  3. Thomas John is a psychic medium who offers spiritual circles to help you connect with and get messages from loved ones in spirit.


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