The Power of Trauma Knowledge

This course is a deep dive into the power of trauma knowledge.  It explains how old trauma patterns are keeping you stuck and getting in the way of creating the life that you truly desire.  Specifically, the course will teach you about your nervous system, how trauma has been stored in your brain and your body, and powerful evidence-based techniques to heal and release what is no longer serving you.  You will learn to connect with your inner child so you can begin to feel more grounded and safer in your body and your life. 

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Length: 4 weeks self-paced
Price: $399.00
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The Power of Trauma Knowledge

This course is for you if…

  • You want to dive deeper into your knowledge of trauma and understand how your early experiences may be impacting your life now
  • You feel stuck in your life because of trauma patterns
  • You want to understand your negative trauma cognitions, and transform them into empowering beliefs
  • You want to learn how your body and brain has stored your traumatic experiences, and how to release the old energy that is no longer serving you
  • You are curious about inner child healing work
  • You want to feel calmer and safer in your body
  • You struggle with symptoms of depression, anxiety, exhaustion or procrastination
  • You want to go beyond diagnostic labels and understand the root causes of uncomfortable symptoms and behavioral patterns
  • You are ready to learn to tune into your body, mind, spirit and tend to your traumas in a loving way

In this course, you will get…

  • Knowledge about trauma, your nervous system responses, the fight flight and freeze response, trauma’s impact on the brain and body, leading cutting-edge trauma treatment modalities
  • Over 18 reflection exercises to deep dive into your healing process
  • Over 8 practice skills to incorporate into your daily life right away
  • An introduction to a number of holistic trauma techniques including EMDR, Brainspotting, Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing
  • A closing meditation to return to at anytime