Hello Self-Care…Goodbye Stress

This course is a crucial deep dive into the world of self (soul) care.  It teaches you about the impact of stress on your nervous system, and how burnout is a leading factor to the uncomfortable mental, emotional, and physical symptoms you are experiencing.  More importantly, it guides you through the process of setting healthy boundaries and implementing an achievable plan of holistic self-loving practices in your everyday life to reclaim your vitality, improve your relationships, and feel great on all levels; mind, body, spirit. 

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Length: 4 weeks self-paced
Price: $399.00
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Hello Self-Care…Goodbye Stress

This course is for you if…

  • You are feeling stressed, depleted, and experiencing burnout
  • You give to everyone else but do not take the time or have the energy to give to yourself
  • You are struggling to set boundaries with family, friends, bosses
  • You are experiencing symptoms of exhaustion, depression, or anxiety
  • You want to learn how to practice self-care in a joyful way
  • You are ready to learn to tune into your body, mind and spirit and tend to yourself on all levels

In this course, you will get…

  • Knowledge about burnout, your nervous system responses, energetic boundaries, and the importance of self-care on mind, body, and spirit levels
  • Over 18 reflection exercises to deep dive into your process
  • Over 8 practice skills to incorporate into your daily life
  • An introduction to a number of holistic self-care techniques including mindfulness, meditation, movement, and others
  • A tangible and achievable self-care action plan to follow
  • A plan that helps to reduce stress, enhance health and wellbeing, achieve balance in life, set healthy boundaries and improve relationships as a result of taking care of yourself first and foremost
  • A closing meditation to return to at anytime